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The Law and Development Partnership(LDP) is a private law firm (social enterprise), established and registered in the process of formal registration under Lao law, license no.077/MOJ 24 December 2014. LDP is a local private law firm has commitment on public interest, Pro bono, legal aid, and policy research, with a goal of promoting sustainable development to ensure economic growth, social development, and environmental protection Initially, founder of LDP worked primarily on legal projects in Lao PDR.

LDP now works with communities affected by development, criminal justice practices, human trafficking, environmental degradation and promoting CSR to help them understand and enforce their rights. To promote healthy investment and complement its engagement with community and legal efforts, LDP also has been conducting a pilot legal exchange program with Thai partners. Technical legal aid support to in-House Consultation Clinic, Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLP) and supports Association for Development of Women and Legal Education(ADWLE) to establish first NPA legal clinic. In 2014, Director was selected to serve as Lao PDR’s representative for the Baseline Study on Legal Aid in Southeast Asia, focus on Legal Aid in Lao PDR, and currently he is working as a consultant on Legal study related land and natural resources, Para legal training project , developing partnerships with UNODC and other Thai partners on Legal Aid for Victims of Human Trafficking project.

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